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Once again, I know this doesn’t fit in with the paranormal&science but

oh my god

Connor the Crusher was a cute little 7 year old year old who suffered from pediatric brain cancer. He had his dream come true when he met his favorite WWE wrestler, Daniel Bryan.

And look what WWE let him do!

This is amazing.

Rest in peace little angel. 


Did you know this still breaks my heart?

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Match of the Day: Nick Maniwa
William Regal vs. Ace Steel
WLW - Eldon, MO - 10/22/11

"Ace Steel returns to the ring for the first time in three years to take on WWE Superstar William Regal in the main event of the annual World League Wrestling/Pro-Wrestling NOAH camp event held October 22, 2012 in Eldon, MO."

That’s what the description says. Everyone knows that Harley Race’s school/promotion has close ties with WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH. Every year, they have a camp where representatives from WWE, NOAH, New Japan (this year) come and check out the new students, the indie guys that signed up for the camp, etc. Every year, they have one big finale event and usually have a “name” on it. Regal, as well as being a representative of WWE, was the name in 2011 and wrestled Ace Steel in a stellar contest. A true wrestling clinic between two of these veterans in the game.

For more info on the 2014 training camp (which happens in November), check out 


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For those who forget what the original Brutus Beefcake gimmick was…

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The Mass Transit Incident.

The gifset does not do the flow of blood justice. My bootleg used to be of sound quality, which is surprising as RF Video was not afraid to sell crap quality. You could see the juice flowing out like an open faucet.

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Los Gringos Locos

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John Bradshaw Layfield


John Bradshaw Layfield

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